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Millstone Day Nursery utilises the services of DBS Internet Marketing. Established in 1986, DBS is based in Lincolnshire with clients across the East Midlands and the UK. DBS has Investors in People status, are members of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce and is a Google AdWords certified partner.

DBS offers three key services web, online marketing and social media. DBS offers a "one stop shop" web design service. This includes designing and building brand new websites and redesigning exiting sites to suit all budgets. They offer a range of web services, including creating blogs, email letterhead, HTML newsletters and mobile websites, and also offer a web hosting service.

Once you have a great looking, functional website, it is important for it to rank highly in search engines so that people find you. DBS can optimise your website so that it ranks higher in search engines, and set up Google pay per click campaigns to drive traffic to your site. The DBS online marketing department can also use other techniques, including link building, retargeting, press releases, blogposts and Google+ local, to get your site seen.

It is also important for businesses to have a presence on social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. These are amongst the most visited sites in the world, and customers and potential customers now expect to find businesses on there. DBS can create social media accounts for your business and use them to drive traffic to your website. It also helps to increase brand awareness and keeps you connected to people who are interested in what you do.

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