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Unlike many other child care nurseries around Leicester, Millstone Day Nursery is truly EXCEPTIONAL. To be honest, this nursery has improved our children’s development in so many ways. It is because of this nursery, we decided to keep the kids at this nursery and threw away our plans to move closer to our jobs in September and now commute on a daily basis. Whether its the owners, senior managers or all the carers that spend time with our children, they have all shown to be very friendly, approachable, caring and really know how to put a smile on your face every single time. We have got on with all the carers and managers that we have actually made them honorary family.

This strong team of nursery nurses in the Roo, Rabbit, Eeyore and Owl rooms do not only share a child progress and development daily, but they have also supported us to help our children continue with the development (i.e. potty training, speech, walking) through to our home at the times the kids are with us. Thanks a million!!! Also, the management team (especially Susan, Nicola and Jim) are always helpful and deal with any questions or concerns you may have.

All of the staff at Millstone Day Nursery strive to make sure you are extremely satisfied, happy and worry free.

As new parents, we are very thankful for what this nursery have taught us and done for our children. Without a doubt, we strongly recommend this place to anyone.

Mr & Mrs A


Most people pity me when I say I have 4 year old twin daughters, they question how I can have the pressurised job I have and be a mummy??

My answer is I have found a great nursery that works with me to give my daughters what they need.

My daughters joined the sister nursery to Millstone when they were only 4 months old, and last year moved to Millstone.

Over the years we have over come many challenges as a team, walking, talking, potty training, tantrums and sibling rivalry.

On both sides we come up with ideas that will work at nursery and at home and implement them together.

My daughters have grown into social intelligent young ladies that are more than prepared for school this year and I feel that is hugely down to the staff and culture that Jim, Chrissy and the Millstone team provide.

If you are looking for a nursery that cares for your children like they would their own then I can strongly recommend this nursery as I have nothing but gratitude for them all with the help support and guidance they have given me and my family.

As a working mum there is no better start to your day than dropping off two happy children that can't wait to get to nursery.

Mrs C


We had seen five other nurseries before finally visiting and choosing Millstone Day Nursery. I'm sure like other parents you always want the best for your child, and that's what we felt Millstone Day Nursery offered as soon as we had a site tour.

The Nursery is organised, each child moves up to another room after 6 months this helps with their development with children their own age. At the end of each week you are given your child's report which tracks there progress and development for that week. This has given us confidence that our child is encouraged to develop and learn new things.

The overall cleanliness of the nursery is fantastic and very well organised. With other nurseries we could smell dirty nappies; at Millstones the toilets are always clean and organised for different facilities for different age groups. They have a chef who produces fresh food and our son is always excited to tell us what he's eaten that day, always a good mixture of fresh fruit and vegetables with the odd treat.

They have a mini bus service which collects and drops children off to the nursery as they offer an after school club and holiday club if needed, also as a couple that both work full time the opening hours have helped being from 7.30am to 6pm.

Overall I think what helps with our confidence and peace of mind that our son is being looked after is the staff. They have been great in every room he's been in and really do look after him and helped in his development. Our son is always excited to go to nursery and will always talk about the staff and his friends at home. As a parent that's has to be the most important thing that your child's happy.

We would have no hesitations recommending Millstone day Nursery to any parent considering childcare for their children.

Keep up the good work Jim and all your staff

Mrs S

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