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12 Things To Look For When Choosing A Day Care Nursery For Your Child

  • Caring, friendly, uniformed and qualified staff

    The day care nursery should have caring and friendly staff in neat, clean uniforms. Make sure that the minimum qualification that all carers have is the NVQ Level 3 in Child Care.

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  • Open door policy

    Make sure the day care nursery has an "open door policy" which means you don't have to make an appointment to drop in and view it. A reputable day care nursery should be open for inspection at any time.

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  • Hygienic nappy changing areas

    This is a must. Make sure the day care nursery has "macerators" which chew up nappies into very small particles that can then go safely into the drains. This means that no soiled nappies are ever kept on the premises.

    Millstone Day Nursery

  • Hygienic bathrooms and premises

    Make sure that the day care nursery has an on-site, fully employed cleaner/caretaker. This means that any "accidents" are cleaned up quickly, professionally and hygienically and also that the premises are clean and germ free every day.

    Millstone Day Nursery

  • CCTV

    For the safety and protection of your child make sure that there is CCTV at all entrances and exits.

    Millstone Day Nursery

  • On-site security

    Insist that the entrances and exits of the day care nursery have digital locks so that only the day care staff can enter and exit the building. This ensures there are no unwanted visitors.

    Millstone Day Nursery

  • Minibus pick-up and drop-off

    Your time is precious which is why you are looking for day care in the first place. Make sure the day care nursery offers a "school to nursery" and "nursery to school" minibus service with fully qualified drivers. This means when you drop your youngest children off at nursery in the morning the older ones can be safely placed on the minibus and be taken to school. The system works in reverse so that when you pick up your youngest children from nursery in the afternoon the older ones will arrive at the nursery from the school by minibus.

    Millstone Day Nursery

  • Fresh, healthy food

    Look for a day care nursery that has a fully certified chef not just a cook. The nursery should offer fresh fruit, vegetables and a healthy meal plan.

    Millstone Day Nursery

  • Self care

    Make sure the nursery encourages children to learn to be independent and take care of themselves in terms of hand washing etc.

    Millstone Day Nursery

  • Open 52 weeks a year

    Your day care nursery should be open 52 weeks a year to give you maximum flexibility and include a holiday club and after school programme. It's reasonable and normal for a nursery to close on bank holidays.

    Millstone Day Nursery

  • Outdoor play area with a cushioned surface

    It's vital that your child has the chance to let off steam. Find out if the day care nursery has a safe, fully-supervised, well-sized outdoor play area with a cushioned surface.

    Millstone Day Nursery

  • Indoor soft-play area

    We know that the UK weather isn't always great. Ensure that the nursery has a safe, fully-supervised, well-sized indoor soft-play area for bad weather days.

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