Activities provided at Millstone Day Nursery in Leicester

During your child’s time at Millstone Day Nursery we aim to provide a fun and relaxing environment to stimulate and enhance their development; some of the activities that your child can look forward to taking part in include:


At Millstone Day Nursery we understand that people are at their most creative when they are young, hence we encourage all of the children to express themselves through art . During this time the children are encouraged to partake in various artistic tasks including painting, drawing and colouring. These activities are designed to encourage the child to express their creative side and develop their hand-eye coordination skills.

Soft Play Area

At Millstone Day Nursery we have a large soft play area for your child to play in while being supervised. This activity is highly popular amongst children of all ages and provides them with a superb opportunity to burn off some energy.


Computers play a large part in most industries in today’s world and there is a very strong chance your child will be using a computer in their work as they grow older. Our nursery has an IT area for the older children to increase there knowledge via our educational software packages. The children are encouraged to explore how the software packages work to assist with their education and understanding.


Everyone loves a good book, that’s why at our nursery we ensure all the children have plenty of time to explore them. By reading books to children this helps to stimulate and expand their imagination along with developing their language and listening skills.Reading is one of the hardest skills to master as a child and our nursery team will endeavour to do their best to help and encourage all children in this area.

Outside Play Area

Our nursery has an extensive outdoor play area with a cushioned surface, which has a variety of outdoor toys to keep your child entertained while under the supervision of staff at all times.


During the school holidays the nursery offers day excursions for your child to take part in. In the past we have travelled to Twycross & Dudley Zoo, Sealife Centre and Think Tank to name but a few. Further to these long distance excursions we frequently provide shorter trips for the children’s entertainment, such as going to the cinema, bowling or local parks.

We understand that no parent enjoys having to leave their children with someone else and we dedicate ourselves to making the process as pain-free as possible

Chrissy Stafford Co-founder of Millstone Day Nursery

May I congratulate you and your staff on the excellent after school & holiday club service you provide

We strive to maximise each child's enthusiasm, foster their thirst for knowledge and help them develop their independence

Jim Stafford Co-founder of Millstone Day Nursery

As a working mum there is no better start to your day than dropping off two happy children that can't wait to get to nursery