Terms & Conditions

Admissions Procedure

When a start date has been confirmed it is Nursery policy that a non-refundable deposit of one week’s fees are paid. This will then be counted as fees paid for the first week of attendance of your child starting at the Nursery.

All Fees must be paid in full, weekly, or monthly, in advance and can be paid by standing order, card, cheques and cash. Fees are payable during periods of absence from the Nursery, including sickness and family holidays.

Please note:  Although we offer some “Government funded” childcare places, priority of placement is given to paying parents. Also , any requests to swap days or book extra sessions must be made to the manager in charge at all times.

Personal Daily Needs

Milk feeds for babies (and any specific juice if preferred) as well as nappies and wipes must be provided by the Parents/Carers, and ensure an adequate supply is given for the period of their stay.

A full set of spare clothes should also be provided in cases of accidents and all items of clothing must be named.

The Nursery cannot accept liability for any lost/damage of personal property.

Collection Policy

We expect children to be collected promptly.

Parents/Carers who know they are going to be late (due to unforeseen circumstances) must telephone the Nursery to inform them of their expected time of arrival.

Parents/Carers who are late should be aware that they will incur an extra surcharge for every additional 10 minutes – details of which are available on request.

If any person other than the Parent/Carer is collecting the child, the Nursery must be notified and an individual password given. The child will not be released into anyone else’s care without prior arrangement.


It is important that the Nursery is notified if a child is absent.

One week’s notice must be given to the Nursery for any period of prolonged absence, fees are still payable during this time.


The Nursery is open throughout the year except for statutory (bank) holidays and Christmas (details of which will be published as required).


If a child becomes ill in any way while at nursery you will be contacted immediately. If your child is unwell they should not attend the nursery for a minimum of 24 hours, however, this may depend on what the illness is and will be at the discretion of the manager on duty.

In doing this it enables us to keep infection within the nursery to a minimum and to ensure the child is given the individual attention they may need. Our staff can only administer medicines where written confirmation is given by the Parent/Carer and must be supplied by them.

This is both witnessed and recorded when given.

It is essential the Nursery is supplied with up to date contact details and are notified of any changes straight away. At least one member of staff who has attained a first aid certificate is on duty within each room should an accident occur.

Please Note: The Management will decide whether a child is unfit for Nursery by using the exclusion guidance on infection control from the health protection agency.


Notice of leaving must be given in writing one month in advance. In cases of leaving without notice parents are liable for two week’s fees in lieu of notice.

Please note: These terms and conditions also apply to those children attending for the free Government funded hours.

A full report of the nursery policies and procedures are available upon request.

We understand that no parent enjoys having to leave their children with someone else and we dedicate ourselves to making the process as pain-free as possible

Chrissy Stafford Co-founder of Millstone Day Nursery

May I congratulate you and your staff on the excellent after school & holiday club service you provide

We strive to maximise each child's enthusiasm, foster their thirst for knowledge and help them develop their independence

Jim Stafford Co-founder of Millstone Day Nursery

As a working mum there is no better start to your day than dropping off two happy children that can't wait to get to nursery